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Fuel Type:GAS
Engine:5.0L 302Cu. In. V8 GAS Naturally Aspirated
Number of Cylinders:8
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Please check out the 24 pictures for you to view. Most are two in one pictures. This is a 1972 2 door Mercury Comet. They look very similar to the FOrd Maverick, although there were about half as many Comets made in comparison the Mavericks. A lot of parts are interchangeable. This car was originally sold with a 302 v8, not a 6 cylinder. The car used to be a lot of fun for us about 12-15 years ago when it was on the road. We pulled the motor and transmission out about 12 years ago and the car has been sitting ever since. For being 42 years old, it has held up pretty well, even though it sure looks ugly without a paint job. There are lots of pictures so you can see where there is rust. The car has never been restored. It has only had a couple of small areas filled in the past. As you can see, we sprayed expandable foam in the quarter panel pockets and shaved it down where the rust holes are. There isn't very much rust around the fender wells, mostly in the quarter panel pockets. In the trunk area, there are a couple of small rust holes starting along with some pin holes and some surface rust in some areas. This car has the original gas tank intact which probably will need to be cleaned out or at least drained if it has any 12 or 15 year old fuel in it. The primer paint we used way back then probably wasn't water proof, therefore there is a lot of surface rust on the top of the car and other areas. Please do look at the interior floor pan picture of the passenger side. The floor pan has rotted away pretty heavily on that side. The problem was with the windows up, water from rain still went down into the floor area which still has the carpet. Unfortunately, this moisture over time rotted that area out. The rocker panel where the door meets up to appears to be pretty solid with no rust holes noticeable. On the driver's side, I lifted up the carpet which is wet since it rained a couple of days ago. I didn't lift up the factory tar paper, but by pushing around, it doesn't appear to have holes like the passenger side. It seems fairly solid. The rocker panel on this side is also solid. The dash is in good shape and there is only one split in the dash pad. Most all of the electrical components involving the dash board were working when we parked this car long ago. We did have an Auto Gauge meter for the oil pressure, volts, and water temp hooked up. We are keeping that gauge and our friend hooked it up. I don't know if this interferes with any of the wires to the dash gauges or not. The odometer is correct at 90,000 miles. When we bought the car, it had 74,500 miles. So we put about 15,000 miles on the vehicle from 1998 to about 2002. The car has power assist steering. It has 4 wheel drum brakes, but I believe they were power assist or power brakes, not manual. The car originally had air conditioning. You can decode the VIN number if you know how to do so to find out exactly more details about this actual car. It had a vinyl top and 5 lug wheels. Now we have had a 9 inch Ford rear installed because we were going to put a more powerful motor in it and wanted a sturdier rear. It originally had an 8 inch that we sold years ago. We have the axles in the housing, but we never installed the center section. We were waiting to find the right gear ratio center section, but never did. There is a 9 inch center section with low to mid 3's ratio which you can see in the picture of the parts that are coming with the car. I don't remember if it has 28 spline or 31 spline axles. Our friend who installed the rear did do a nice job of covering the opening where the center piece goes with a block off piece of wood or something which he bolted to the housing. We also had him install new 2 1/2 inch dual exhaust with H pipe. You can see this in a picture we have provided, but it has become rusty over the years and we never got to use it. The engine compartment was a nice white color when we had a nice looking motor in it. Obviously a lot of that paint is flaking off. The shock towers don't have rust holes. On the driver's side, there is a round rust hole up near the top of the engine compartment which you can see. Front frame rails are good. Back in 2002, the frame was in good condition with no holes. It hasn't been exposed to any salt since then, it's just been out in the weather at storage, so the frame should still be good. We always ran wide aluminum slot rear wheels with a large offset to the outside. By doing so, we had to raise the rear of the car up by using shackles so that the tires would not rub the fender wells. We may have also used leaf spring additions to help keep the back end up high to clear the tires which stick out about an inch past the wheel wells. The tires are pretty old. I don't know if I would trust driving around on them since they are over twelve years old. If you notice the lug nuts on the rear wheels do not look tight, that is because we had our friend put the longer lugs on the 9 inch rear in case we wanted to take it down the track. You need the type lug nuts where the lug goes through the lug nut so you can tighten it all the way against the wheel. I forgot to show in the pile of parts, but we do have a drive shaft. We are not sure if it will fit up to the 9 inch the way it did to the 8 inch rear. It does have a pair of traction bars. The car has been up on blocks for over five years now. The front windshield has a U shaped crack that starts at the top and loops back up around to the top. It is not really in the line of view for the driver. We do have a lot of molding or trim that goes back on this car as you can see in the pile. You also get the radiator which we purchased a couple of years before the car was taken off the road. We still have the receipt for the lifetime warranty for it. It was $227.00. We did find the passenger side arm rest with mounting bracket here at the house, so there is a picture of it. It is not missing. The interior was originally red bench seat with the red back seat. The seats you see are black bucket seats either out of a Maverick or Mustang. There are some rips in the seats. The back seats aren't in too bad of shape. The rest of the glass like the windows and rear glass and side windows or vent windows are in good shape with no cracks. The door locks work and we have the appropriate keys. We do have a clean Pennsylvania title in our name. The car was originally a column shift automatic, but we had a Ratchet type shifter installed for the automatic c4. The boot that goes over the shifter lever is in that pile of parts. This would be a good car to restore since it really doesn't have a whole lot of rust. We bought it back in 1998 from a young man who had just purchased it a year before from a little old lady. The car was originally white in color and it had the 302 with skinny tires and hubcaps. He did have to drive it one winter to work and then he sold it to us that following year. We did not drive it in the winter months. We just kept it parked. The grill is in very nice condition. The chrome bumpers are original, although they probably need to be re-chromed to look really nice. Headlights, brake lights, blinkers, all used to work. We did pull the wiring from the engine compartment back towards the firewall because we were going to have it sandblasted and repainted. That never happened. We currently have the other 72 Comet next to this one for sale on ebay. It is item #111483416864 and it was originally a 6 cylinder car set up for v8. That is probably why it has a 4 lug bolt pattern while this one has the 5 lug. The hood is a true GT factory hood off of a 1971 GT Comet. That cut out circle under the scoop is probably factory. There are some rust particles rattling around in this hood, but it is not all rusted through yet like most hoods of this year. As you can see in the pictures, it comes with a nice aftermarket wooden steering wheel which has the horn button hooked up. We hope somebody will either fully restore this car or at least do the body work, put a nice motor in it, and make a weekend driver out of it. We do have a c4 transmission that goes along with this car. It is not the original one from this car. It came out of a Ford Granada from the 70's. It shifted pretty well, but that was years ago. It may need rebuilt or new seals at least. You can have it if you want it. Please call us for any other specific questions about this car or the other one we are selling. Here is our number: 814-644-6886. You can ask for Doug or Elaine. The purchaser needs to pay for the car through PayPal within three days of purchase. Since winter is closing in soon up here in Pennsylvania, it would be nice and expected to have the vehicle arranged to be picked up within three weeks after payment. It is in a fenced storage area, so we will have to arrange with you or your courier to make sure of the time you are coming so we can open up the locked gates. We do have a key. Thank you for viewing.

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